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Upside Down Room

The guys in Upside Down Room have been rocking since forever. Contrary to rumors, they're still together and playing shows in Southern California. They are faithful friends of pop.vox.music and we're proud to offer their music to you. We've got their whole catalog on sale, so check out our merch page and find out what you've been missing.


Upside Down Room is featured on the following albums available from pop.vox.music

Vaudeville Theatre - compilation - $8
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Upside Down Room Shake Rattle and Rock - $10

Upside Down Room Drag Baby Drag - $10

Upside Down Room Self Titled $10

Upside Down Room TV Baby - $10
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Out of Stock

Rockabilly Western Gospel Hymns - Jackson Rubio Compilation - $5

Upside Down Room Let's Go for a Ride 7" - $7
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