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Thee Spivies

It's sad but true- Thee Spivies are no longer. But you can still remember the fun and the music with their final independent release, "Wait For Dial Tone" available on our merchandise page. We also have their final song, released on the Vaudeville Theatre compilation, as well as their debut album, "Ready or Not, Here We Come", both available on our merchandise page. Plus, you can watch the “Fire Safety” music video right here, for free!



The Spivies are featured on the following albums available from pop.vox.music

Vaudeville Theatre - compilation - $8
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Thee Spivies - Wait for Dial Tone - $10
Thee Spivies - Ready or Not Here We Come - $10

Out of Stock
Rockabilly Western Gospel Hymns - Jackson Rubio Compilation - $5

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